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ADHD Chair for Kids

ADHD Chair for Kids

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ADHD Chair for Kids attributes

Material: Solid Wood;

Customization: Available for Processing Custom Orders


  • Small Size: Suitable for Children Aged 2-6 Years
  • Large Size: Suitable for Children Aged 6-15 Years


  • Cardboard Packaging;
  • Dimensions: 800cm*800cm*38cm
  • Product Net Weight: 12kg;
  • Total Packaged Weight: 20kg

ADHD Chair for Kids description

This ADHD Chair for Kids – a dedicated seating solution crafted for educational and rehabilitative environments in special schools and rehabilitation centers. This chair is expertly designed to accommodate children dealing with ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, and elevated muscle tone. It provides vital support for enhanced posture, skeletal development, and overall comfort. Explore the benefits of our top-tier ADHD Chair for Kids, tailored to optimize your child's learning and well-being. Discover the best in ADHD Chair for Kids solutions, supporting growth and focus in children with special needs.

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